New composition on the floral theme

We are delighted to present our new composition of 50 Girault Pastels.
It is a set on the theme of flowers created by Daniel Keys, American pastel painter.
“Daniel Keys – Floral”


Daniel Keys was born in 1985 in Fresno, California. He is initially an oil painter, an art he has practiced since childhood.
Recently, Daniel started painting in pastels. Alternating between the two mediums, he is quickly recognized in the pastel world thanks to a very successful solo exhibition.
He has already received several awards from the International Association of Pastel Societies and the Pastel Society of America.

He received the “Best of show” award at the last IAPS convention in Albuquerque in June 2022 for his work – Still life with candles & Imari

It is there that we had the pleasure to meet him.

extract from “the globe” catalog

Painter of multiple subjects, he has a certain affinity for flowers. Thus, we proposed him to compose a set on the floral theme :

Its composition, its choice of shades…

“Of all painting subjects, flowers are perhaps the most demanding when it comes to color. They’re often bright and saturated, and even the lights and grays can require more color than other subject matter. This palette takes this into account, and allows the artist to paint a variety of floral scenarios.

Starting with a warmer and cooler version of the primaries, I then chose saturated earth tones, rich darks, and clean lights and grays – plus some essential greens.  The resulting collection is one that has all of the necessary ingredients to paint flowers with confidence!”

Nuancier en cours “Daniel Keys – Floral”

What I think of this brand : First of all, the color selection is broad and a full range that allows for any subject to be approached with confidence whether it’s landscape, portrait, or floral. I reach for my Giraults with each painting for their rich color and varied values.
The shape of each stick is also useful because of the option to get a fine point and detail, or angled and even sideways I can get wider coverage. A sort of “cross-hatching” effect can also be achieved with Giraults that isn’t quite possible or easily done with other pastels.
In all, Giraults have become a treasured staple in my pastel palette, and enable me to be uninhibited in my creative process.

Daniel KEYS