We are proud to establish partnerships with French craftsmen in the closest area.
Our wooden boxes are therefore manufactured in France, by French craftsmen with a great knowledge.

The Laborde carpentry in Périgord noir

First of all, let’s remind that our beautiful range of boxes is produced by a craftsman of our town. Indeed, located in Montignac-Lascaux, the Laborde carpentry is a traditional carpentry that has been moving with the times for almost 50 years.

Since 2019 this partnership allows us to reconnect with history by offering a white box as it was the case until the beginning of the 20th century.

So, our boxes are made with ash which is a very resistant hardwood of pearly white color. This tree species is found in the Périgord region.

The tanneries of Chamont in Périgord vert

Then recently we met the manager of Tanneries de Chamont. They are based in the Perigord region as well. They are one of the last tanneries that tan with vegetable extracts. They use tree extracts, such as chestnut and mimosa to tan their leather. This way they obtain a biodegradable leather that lasts much longer. It is called a living leather because it patinates and embellishes itself with time.

From this meeting, was born the idea to make a handle in vegetable leather to decorate our Harmony set.

Marek Sus, manager of the Tanneries de Chamont, recommended a leather goods manufacturer using his leathers.

©Tanneries de Chamont

L’atelier Subdivise – En Loire

We are pleased to present our new handle made by the Subdivise workshop in the person of Stéphane Lemaître, French craftsman.

“The objects designed and manufactured in our workshop are exclusively handmade, without compromise. The skins are tanned with vegetable extracts and come from renowned French tanneries. They are “full grain” and have not received any rectification or make-up. The stitching is done by hand with saddle stitch and linen thread.”

This magnificent handle comes therefore
our Harmony woodenbox.

Full grain leather handle on Harmonie wooden box